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Are you a Vermentino lover?

As lovers of sparkling wines and with a fantastic crop of Vermentino (white), an Italian grape variety, on hand, the time was right to go about making a sparkling white, (the first sparkling Vermentino in Australia and possibly the only one in the world).

The Vermentino is Barangaroo’s signature wine and they have recently launched a new marketing campaign “Are you a Vermentino Lover?”

The sparkling wine is made the “method traditionelle” way which is the way champagne is made. The still wine has yeast added to the bottle to commence the fermentation. The bottles are riddled (turned) to move the spent yeast to the neck of the bottle. When done, the bottles are inverted into dry ice to freeze the neck of the bottle. The corks are popped and the frozen yeast expelled. The bottles are topped up, recorked, labelled and packed for distribution.

Do you know how many bubbles are in a bottle of their sparkling Vermentino? They suggest you go out tonight and look at the stars, that’s how many.

Get your “Vermentino Lover” sticker from their stand and you will receive a free tasting.