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On the other side of the Grampians, Glenelg River Herbs have been growing herbs for 18 years.

Fresh herbs for the fresh food markets, dried herbs for food manufacturers and in 2017, they brought a still and began distilling their own essential oils, rosemary, sage and oregano.

They developed The Memory Stick, a 15 ml roll-on bottle packed with rosemary and sage essential oils with grapeseed oil as the carrier for safe application.

Rosemary oil is good for the memory, sage oil lowers stress and anxiety levels. Upgrade your focus & update your recall with The Memory Stick.

They also produce pouches of dried herbs bursting with flavour and showing exceptional colour in a whole leaf.

Their bouquet garni will make your soups and casseroles sing with flavour and the rosemary skewers add a touch of class and aroma to your barbequed meats and vegetables.

Their rosemary hand cream with rosemary and lemon myrtle oil is a festival favourite for its non-greasy yet light and refreshing finish.

And a foot balm with rosemary and sage essential oils to bring life back to tired rough feet. They are 100% natural, 100% Australian.