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OUTBACK PRIDE was founded in 2001 by Mike and Gayle Quamby with the aim to provide opportunities for remote Aboriginal communities to access an industry where their traditional knowledge would be valued.

The commercial nursery at Reedy Creek in the South East of SA operates with ethical and environmentally positive principles and is the major fresh supply chain for the OUTBACK PRIDE brand and food service.

The arid zone native food products are also grown on remote Aboriginal communities, as part of the broader OUTBACK PRIDE project, which has developed a network of bushfood production sites on traditional Aboriginal communities.

The cultivation of Australian Native food has provided employment opportunities in horticulture, marketing, and has improved community health. At the same time acknowledging the intellectual property of the traditional uses of bushfoods.

Their Australian Native Foods product range includes dried herbs and seasonings, dukkahs, relish, chutney, jams, sauces and dressings and is also available from the Brambuk Centre.

Visit OUTBACK PRIDE and find out how you can bring native food to the table.