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Beatha Granola is family owned and operated business producing award-winning organic granola in Port Fairy Victoria. Their aim is to produce wholesome, healthy food that allows their customers more time to stop and enjoy a healthy breakfast. They are a boutique business and pride themselves on

Rewild Company is one of our favourite stalls and a must visit this Grampians Grape Escape. Blend your own organic perfume, meet the maker and shop their botanical range of soy-wax candles + body products.   PERFUME BLENDING: Create your own signature perfume blend. Visit this magical space

The Wimmera Grain Store is part of a family group of businesses which grow, clean and market their own and other chickpeas and lentils grown in the Wimmera Region. Their family have been farming at Rupanyup for 90 years and growing chickpeas and lentils (pulses) for

Jamm’d redefines the traditional danish ableskiver (Danish donut) with a modern twist. The Jamm’d team make danish donuts onsite, using a very unique cooking method, which creates a fun, interactive and delicious atmosphere. They pride ourselves on using only locally sourced Melbourne and Victorian based ingredients, they

The 3 Bees produces Raw amazing Honey. With over 21 varieties including medicinal like a Manuka and Redgum that can be used on wounds and are great for gut health. The 3 Bees Bee pollen is another superfood that can help with your immune system and

Amherst is a boutique winery with a history of nearly 30 years of making small batch, hand crafted wines from the Pyrenees region. The wines are wild yeast fermented and basket pressed and are an elegant expression of the place they come from and the year

Liv Morgan aka By Liv prides herself on creating beautiful, unique Jewellery from stunning combinations of a variety of quality materials that include Glass, Timber, Bamboo, Acrylic, Ceramics and Sterling Silver. The range includes striking statement earrings, as well as more subtle pops of colour, right

Pyren Vineyard is an isolated patch of earth surrounded by state forest, farmland and the ever changing sky. The house style is to meld the expression of very high quality fruit with integrity and artistic freedom. The endeavour to fine tune the best style for Pyren’s

Seppelt is a world renowned winery from the Grampians wine village of Great Western. Known for its rich sparkling wine heritage, and the largest wine cellars in the Southern Hemisphere, Seppelt is a must to visit for every wine lover. At Seppelt you are invited to explore