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Son of Grace Vineyard sits on the deep sandy ridges mid-way between the northern tip of the Grampians and Mt Arapiles in Western Victoria.

The area was once home to the largest stone fruit industry in Victoria and while the peach and apricot trees are all but gone, the soil and climate is still capable of producing high quality fruit.

Owners Don and Liz McRae planted the first vines at Son of Grace in 2002. Don is a Wine Science graduate of Charles Sturt University.  Using evidence based sustainable practices in the Vineyard and the Winery, Son of Grace wines are a natural expression of the environment that they are produced from.

The varieties are shiraz (Sparkling and still wine), Tempranillo, and Chardonnay, with new varieties, Petit Verdot and Verdejo on the way next year.

The use of integrated Pest Management methods in the vineyard along with organic based fertilisers produce high quality grapes and all vines are hand tended for weeding, pruning and picking so that the fruit arrives at the crusher in pristine condition.

Fermentation using natural wild yeasts with only small additions of natural preservative produces wines that are both strongly varietal and regional in character.