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Located on the 12 Apostle’s Food Artisans Trail, the Sow & Piglets brewery started up in in March 2017 on a vineyard 18kms from Port Campbell.

The micro brewery is attached to their award winning hostel and is set for small scale development of new products and as way of educating “wanna be” brewers in the finer art of brewing.

The brewery employs a qualified German brewer and all beers are produced in accordance with the German Purity Laws .

Brewing beers that cover a wide range of tastes, in the past year Sow & Piglets have collaborated with local producers and one of the winners in 2017 was a strawberry infused stout using local Timboon strawberries. This winter they will see a chocolate porter using chocolate from GORE chocolates and are also in the process of developing a blueberry hefeweizen, which should be a winner!

Call in to meet the brewer at GGE and enjoy a cool beer or two!