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The Creekside Hotel is known for it’s American style low and slow BBQ. They have a competition BBQ team, Fire N Smoke, who compete on the National circuit and are passionate all types of meat cooked low and slow.

The smoker they will have at Grampians Grape Escape is a 1959 Bedford Fire Truck (from Willenabrina where Kevein was born), they have converted into an awesome smoker.

You will be able to chose from their many meat boxes that will include 12 hour slow smoked Brisket (it melts in your mouth and is the holy grail of BBQ), hands made gourmet chicken, cheese and jalapeƱo sausages, (a must try), melt in your mouth chicken, pulled pork and more.

You will be able to get up close and personal with the guys ands ask questions about low and slow BBQ. Once you’ve tasted their cooking you’ll never look at BBQ the same again.