Connect your brand with the vibrant energy of a renowned wine, food, and music scene.

Engage actively with lifestyle audiences through experience marketing.

Partner with an event that celebrates community values, supports homegrown talent and aligns with regional, state and federal tourism objectives. 

Grampians Grape Escape is more than just an event; it’s a highly anticipated social gathering that unites locals and visitors alike. It celebrates the region’s best in wine, food, and music, creating connections and fostering a sense of community. Such regional events are essential for tourism, offering benefits that go beyond mere economic gains. They help shape communities, preserve culture, and boost local industries and destination marketing efforts. Partnering with Grampians Grape Escape is not only a smart business investment but also a way to contribute to regional prosperity and success.


Grampians Grape Escape provides a gateway to meaningful connections with a vibrant and engaged audience in an immersive setting or communication platform. Sure, there’s a whole bunch of stuff one can put their logo on, but we prefer to establish objectives (and budgets) first, then carefully craft ideas, rights, and benefits for the best outcomes. But, we do have some thought starters RIGHT HERE

Partnership means more to us than just dollars and cents; we also seek to collaborate with businesses that are the right fit. Our partners help us attract diverse audiences, build networks, drive new initiatives, and enhance the overall festival experience. Watch our showreel below and then get in touch!

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