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From Kitchen to Canine: The Tail of Chefs & Dogs

Daniel and Courtney, the dynamic duo behind Chefs & Dogs, have a passion for dogs and fresh food that knows no bounds. They’ve dedicated their lives to spreading awareness about the benefits of nutrition and fresh food for our furry friends’ health and quality of life. Not only have they ran a business providing fresh raw food and healthy treats for dogs nationally, but they also support rescue groups, embodying their commitment to canine welfare.

Daniel’s love for health and cooking began at an early age, inspired by his mum and grandma in the kitchen. He pursued his passion professionally, working in top restaurants in Canberra, and later becoming a certified personal trainer. After running his own café for six years, Daniel teamed up with Courtney to start Chefs & Dogs.

The journey of Chefs & Dogs began when their dog, Joey, fell ill with Lupus, which severely affected his nose. Conventional treatments provided only temporary relief. So seeking a different approach, they turned to a holistic Vet, who guided them on a journey of fresh feeding, titre testing, and treatments like herbs and acupuncture. Inspired by Joey’s recovery, they started creating raw meals and treats for dogs.

Combining Daniel’s culinary expertise with Courtney’s background in dog training, Chefs & Dogs offers a unique blend of nutrition and training knowledge. They both believe that nutrition, especially gut health, plays a crucial role in brain health, which is vital for dog training.

From their humble beginnings in 2019, Chefs & Dogs following has grown exponentially, amassing a TikTok following of 2.5 million and over 450 million video views last year. Their success is a testament to their dedication to canine health and their mission to provide dogs with the love and care they deserve, inside and out.

In what could be a food and wine festival first, join Daniel and Courtney at Grampians Grape Escape this year on the Sunday as they demonstrate some recipes for all of the pawrents out there.

Grampians Grape Escape

Fri 3 – Sun 5 May, 2024