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A Love That Started Under The Rose

A love for wine and nature bought a couple together, however, it was Grampians grapes that brought them to our region to start a business and a family.

Adam Louder has been making wine for 20 years, and has a world of experience from the Napa Valley, USA; Bordeaux, France; Margaret River, Western Australia; and the Grampians, Victoria – where his career began.

It was in the famous wine region of the Napa Valley, California, that Adam met his partner Nancy Panter, the pair fell in love, and now call the Grampians home.

“Adam makes extraordinary wine – I want to help people discover his amazing abilities,” says Nancy.

“We decided to move back to Australia and start a winery where the best shiraz grapes in the world are found – the Grampians.”

The pair, who share a love for hiking and wine, are loving life amongst nature, and have their business, SubRosa wines together.

“SubRosa means under the rose in Latin,” Nancy explains.

“In ancient times, a rose was hung over a table and what happened under the rose stayed under the rose.

“This inspires me. I want to encourage wine lovers to enjoy our wine with friends, family and fabulous food.

“I want our wine to be a catalyst for fun evenings, dynamic conversations and new ideas.

“We say, what happens at the table, stays at the table with SubRosa. Anything is possible.”

The winery was founded in 2015, but officially celebrated its first vintage in 2013.

SubRosa has a wide range with Viognier, Nebbiolo, Shiraz, Rosé and Cabernet using either Pyrenees grapes, Grampians grapes or in some cases, both.

Nancy explains how this fun lifestyle shared around food is something she and Adam enjoy themselves.

“The best days are those when I am with others enjoying our wine with food – especially locally sourced food,” she says.

With many different drops to choose from, those who want a SubRosa wine are spoilt for choice.

However, Nancy recommends a Viognier in the warmer weather and the SubRosa Aristocracy Grampians Shiraz as the winter sets in.

“Life is too short to drink anything but delicious wine,” she laughs.

As well as the world class grapes, the couple also love their surroundings, and also now get to bring up their 18-month-old among the stunning backdrop.

“When I leave home in the morning, often I get escorted by eagles,” says Nancy.

“When I go for a walk I see echidnas, wallabies and kangaroos and then there are the sunsets – absolutely spectacular.”

This will be the third year for the SubRosa team to be exhibiting at the Grampians Grape Escape, an event Nancy says is special because of the delicious wine being served in a stunning setting.

She encourages people to try a glass from their stall, and to expect even bigger and better things to come.

“Our greatest highs are still ahead of us,” she smiles.