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Rebecca Paris is the Managing Director and founder of Australian Native Food Co. Whilst teaching underprivileged youth in remote locations, in particular Darwin and Whyalla, Rebecca had the unique opportunity to experience and taste Australian native ingredients and food with local communities. She spent time talking with community members and learning about native produce, their heritage and uses. This ignited a passion for native ingredients, which Rebecca started experimenting with. When Rebecca was introduced to green ants she had no hesitation in creating a green ant marmalade, now a signature product.

The first step was selling jams at local markets, exhibits and expos. Rebecca listened to people, both community members and local suppliers who inspired the ideas that lead to experimenting to create new products. Over 18 months we have continually expanded our product range to over 30 products. They have diversified our product range expanding from food products to include a product range of aromas and scents, and body & hair care products. They listen constantly to our customers and consider their feedback and ideas when experimenting and creating new products.

In 2021 they started their retail journey opening two retail spaces in Adelaide Central Markets and Westfield Marion. After huge success at local open markets, they have continued our approach in their retails stores by giving customers an in-store experience. All visitors to their store can see, touch, taste and smell all of their products. Combined with the knowledge shared by their staff inspires them to be creative with their products. Their aim is for our native products to become a recognised brand and a familiar inclusion in home cooking, body and home care.

In 2021 they have expanded to online distribution and they are exploring opportunities to go into bulk production, which would deliver quality consistency, product availability to meet demand and the ability to meet growing demand.

They continue to support youth employment and training by delivering local training programs, employing local youth and developing our people by providing opportunities for personal and professional growth within our business and the industry.

Rebecca remains a dedicated advocate for local communities and remains passionate about respecting the land and the beautiful native ingredients it produces. As an advocate, Rebecca is active in public speaking, participating and support local events and activities including providing cooking demonstrations, and sharing what she has learnt from the many local community members she has met.