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My name is Greg McKinnon and I make and play Cigar Box Guitars. Not constrained by traditional guitar making processes, we have one rule for cbg’s and that is “there ain’t no rules” so you build ’em how you like.

Nothing beats chatting to people face to face at a market or festival somewhere. You have to remember, here in Australia these instruments are relatively unknown and the first impression you get from people is a look of amazement, and then when you knock out a couple of lines of Amazing Grace, their jaw generally drops. They do generate warm discussion on music generally and then you explain how easy they are to play and how open tuning works with these instruments. Love it!

With my cbg’s I see a chance to showcase some wonderful Australian timbers and make the guitar an art piece as well. I try to use reclaimed timber whenever possible such as old Red Gum railway sleepers, old fence posts or skirting boards from a demolished house, all with a story to tell.

I have showcased my guitars at many events over the last 5 years. Including the Melbourne Guitar Show, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Maldon Folk Festival, Cygnet (Tas) Folk Festival as well as many other markets throughout the State as well as workshops at various events.

My guitars are unique one offs, numbered and signed by myself.