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“Pass It On” giveaway

Here’s one for the tea drinkers…

Herbal Teas Australia’s act of kindness – a “Pass It On” giveaway.
Simply buy 3 packets of Herbal Teas Australia IMMUNE tea (as health is important as we head into the winter season) and they will give you a 50gm packet of IMMUNE tea for FREE to pass it on.
1 x packet for you
1 x packet for family
1 x packet for friends
AND 1 FREE packet to pass on to someone experiencing financial hardship, a lonely neighbour or someone who’s day needs brightening.
No special code needed, simply go to their website, and order 3 packets of IMMUNE tea and lovely Liz will add the 4th packet FREE.
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Herbal Teas Australia is an Australian owned and operated company that produces certified organic herbal teas that are designed and hand-crafted to help people overcome their health issues and enjoy the healing benefits of herbal teas.