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Michels Fine Biscuit Co. hand make artisan biscuits, crackers and Christmas provisions and were voted number one from the top five artisan biscuit makers for Victoria.

Now in their 20th year they have gone from strength to strength without compromising on quality, flavour and have built a brand worthy of sharing with your most loved family, friends and work mates.

Their free range eggs, olive oil and salts come from the Grampians, fresh raspberries and blackberries from the Yarra Valley and all their amazing citrus from Mildura and all directly purchased directly from the farmers.

Their signature range is the La Juliet’s which are joined with a Belgian couverture chocolate, and the best seller is the Anzac biscuit filled with white couverture chocolate.

Their fruit creams are made with 100% fresh fruit with the most popular the fresh passionfruit cream is also in our assortment of creams. Their savoury “call me crackers” range have gone crazy over the past couple of years, they are spectacular served on cheese and charcuterie boards or great on their own and a must when entertaining.