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Mitch’s Preserves now have their 2 and 4 jar gift packs online $13 (2 x jars) & $25 (4 x jars) + $10.00 postage Australia wide. These were super popular with GGE festival goers last year.

Chose between savoury or sweet or a combination of both (pssst…the lemon butters we could eat straight from the jar and the pickles are just down-right delicious!).
Support a family-owned regional business and stock up your’s and your loved ones’ pantry with Mitch’s Preserves.
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Mitch’s Preserves is a small family business located just out of Warrnambool, South West Victoria.

They offer home made Gluten Free Preserves, including sauces, chutneys, relish’s, pickles, jams, butters and fruit pastes.  They have expanded our range using many old recipes handed down through our families, as well as many that they have created ourselves.

Made with love, they use only the best produce, including home grown.