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After helping launch and establish a local produce brand, Jessica and Keri decided to join forces to create and build a wholesome business of their own-North Creek Trading Company.

​With their emphasis on handmade, North Creek Trading Co. aims to produce and curate the highest quality products, using locally sourced ingredients from the Grampians region and greater Victoria.

Their Skincare, Homewares & Pantry collections will include suppliers and collaborators from around Australia; from using fresh ingredients straight from local farmers, to employing local and national artisans and designers for special collections.

Keri is raising four girls with her husband Simon on their farm in Penshurst, Western Victoria. Keri’s passion lies within the local produce and food industry, handcrafting her much-loved granola for customers all over Australia.

Jessica along with her husband John, are raising three children on their farm in Chatsworth, Western Victoria. Jessica (along with Johns help!) created the well-known & loved Farmers Hands – a natural, organic alternative to chemical-laden soap, often used in dirty trades.

Both Keri & Jessica are excited to build their lifestyle brands into something special and unique to the region; a reflection and homage to their families farming heritage in Western Victoria.