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Son of Grace Vineyard has been operated by the McRae Family since the Vineyard was established in 2000. Located on sandy ridges between the Northern tip of the Grampians and Rock climbing destination Mt Arapiles, the vineyard is operated sustainably with only organic inputs and carefully controlled irrigation from the Wimmera Mallee Pipeline.

The winemaking follows the same philosophy using all natural fermentation techniques. The use of selected malo-lactic cultures, acid & pH regulation and temperature control are the only technological influences on the wines. The wines are otherwise left to ferment naturally to express the terroir from which they were harvested.

Son of Grace wines do not contain animal based fining products to clarify them or in any other part of production which makes these wines vegan friendly. Our signature wines include, Tempranillo, Petit Verdot, and Verdejo, a white variety from Northern Spain. Our Sparkling Shiraz and Liqueur Muscadelle have also proven very popular at previous GGE events.

This is our sixth GGE and we can’t wait to catch up with old friends again and are looking forward to making some new ones in 2022.