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At Stoney Creek Oil Products we small batch cold press a variety of seeds for artisan or boutique oils.  Our ‘Flagship’ products are premium quality Flaxseed oils and meals, but we have also developed special techniques for the production of our unique Pyrenees Shiraz Grapeseed Oil.

Creation of Stoney Creek Pyrenees Shiraz Grapeseed Oil.

In 2000 Robert Jordan, because of our reputation for artisan oilseed production, approached our founding Director, Fred, for his views on the possible value adding of products from winery waste for the National Wineries Waste Report he was soon to deliver.    Robert collected small quantities of grape marc from Pyrenees Wineries, and we separated, dried and cold pressed the seed to build a data base.  We also co-operated with Geoff Ball and the Winery Waste Value Adding project sponsored by the Pyrenees Shire Council, and later with the chemical residues in products of winery waste research undertaken by Gavin Rose (CSIRO), Robert Jordan and Simon Lane.   We later continued our development of equipment and methology, creating a proprietary system of processing the marc to deliver this culinary delight.  Our grapeseed oil retains all the qualities of the oil as it is found naturally in the seed.   The Pyrenees shiraz also retains the flavour of red wine. 

It is delicious as a dip, drizzled over salads or red meat on BBQ or pan.  You should just drizzle as the flavour can override other subtle flavours of your salads or meats.  Do not deep fry in cold pressed oils as deep frying not only destroys the quality of the oils, but there is also a risk of the volatiles catching fire.   Although not currently from Organic Vignerons, our marc is collected from the Pyrenees/Grampians region as research has shown this district has the least need for chemical use.