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The Wimmera Grain Store is part of a family group of businesses which grow, clean and market their own and other chickpeas and lentils grown in the Wimmera Region.

Their family have been farming at Rupanyup for 90 years and growing chickpeas and lentils (pulses) for some 25 years.

“Rupanyup” is known as “A Town With Pulse”, not only because of its great community spirit but because of the amazing chickpeas and lentils which can be grown around Rupanyup and the broader Wimmera Region (season permitting).

The Wimmera Grain Store supplies Wholesalers, Retailers, Food Manufacturers and Cafes/Restaurants with quality Australian Grown chickpeas, lentils, faba bean, pulse flours and snacks made from pulses. Co-exhibiting with Healthy Impulse who turns them into the most delicious and healthy salads, treats and snacks.

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