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Rhythm for the soul heads to GGE

An insatiable mix of Rock and Latin flavour is coming to the Grampians Grape Escape stage, and the men behind the sound cannot wait to show patrons what they’ve got.

Malcura, an acoustic trio from Sandringham, have been performing for many years. They already have a string of achievements under their belts, including an EP, an award nominated album and performances alongside the likes of Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Tash Sultana and Pierce Brothers.

Sticking to their guns with their fusion of Flamenco instrumentation and Rock’n’roll mentality, the friends have forged their own sound by playing to their strengths and indisputable passion for music.

“Malcura was formed at the completion of high school, as we were exploring our eclectic tastes in music – the flamenco inspiration was an exciting addition to our rock influences,” Simon explains.

“The band name, Malcura, loosely translates to ‘bad medicine’.”

“It’s a musical cure to what ails ya.”

Cutting their teeth as buskers in Melbourne, Malcura has made its mark on the Australian music scene with its distinctive sound – touring far and wise and playing some of Australia’s premier music festivals.

All three men have fond memories of music growing up.

For Josh, it was his dad playing Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop at the family guitar shop.

For Simon, it was drumming on buckets to Oasis and Crowded House while watching Rage.

Colin loved his eight-string bass guitar that he played in high school.

Now, it is all about the people in the crowd.

Simon reflects on how the band relishes in making people happy and providing and outlet for expression through music.

They hope to bring this to the Grampians Grape Escape, when they play as part of the festival’s Saturday bill.

Simon says the band has been to the region previously, but it will be their first time back in many years.

“We are excited to take in the scenery, sample some of the local produce and put on the best flamenco rock ‘n’ roll show we possibly can,” he says.

The band’s first album, a self-titled record, came out in 2016.

Simon explains how the band is looking forward to its latest ventures, releasing their second album and embarking on a tour of Europe.

Because for this trio, there is an undeniable feeling when they walk out on stage.

“The energy and adrenaline we feel when a song kicks in cannot be replicated,” Simon says.



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The Grampians Grape Escape is on April 30 – May 1 2022, Halls Gap