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The Butcher, The Baker, The Producer and The Winemaker

By Hilary McNevin, Turnip Media and GGE board member

Saturday’s Masterclasses at this year’s GGE will be filled with stories from the producers, makers and those committed to bringing ethical food to our plates while celebrating all that is delicious about the Grampians, Pyrenees, Henty and western Victoria.

Anthony and Amanda Kumnick moved from raising rare breed pigs at Greenvale Farm to now being well-and-truly ensconced as operating one of the region’s best bakeries. Great Western Granary makes sourdoughs from local grains and Anthony will be on-hand to share his knowledge and any tips for those who started baking bread during lockdowns and haven’t stopped.

The next Masterclass, called A PINCH OF SALT, A SPLASH OF OIL, celebrates the olives, olive oils and salts all grown and harvested in western Victoria. Mount Zero Olives, Grampians Olive Co and Red Rock Olives will chat to Loic and Hilary about how they approach their work, differences in olives varieties and the varying flavours of textures of olive oils even though they’re from the same region. Salt harvesting is just starting too so the talk will be seasoned with that.

Our third Masterclass, AN UNINTENDED PATH TO DISRUPTION, looks at Provenir, a mobile abattoir business – the only one in the country – and its owner Chris Balazs will share how the business came to be. He’ll share his passion and know-how on nose-to-tail cooking. Provenir really do go nose-to-tail, utilising the nose for pet food to using the tail for various dishes and everything in-between. Chris is going to bring in beef cuts and get us talking and tasting different ways to make the most of literally, the whole animal.

Do you know your Shiraz from your Chardonnay? Your whole bunch from your skin contact? In EXPLORE THE POUR, sommelier, Loïc Le Calvez gets into what wines that are being grown in the Grampians and how the region is adapting to an ever-changing world. And, you may want to
take notes, there’ll be a quiz…

Once you’ve taken all the day’s Masterclasses in, stick around for the Grampians Winemakers Shiraz Barrique Auction. The barrique, a 225 litre oak barrel, is filled with luscious Grampians shiraz from the best of the vintage from the best of our winemakers and lucky wine collectors will bid the winning price!

The first day of GGE Masterclass will certainly whet your appetite for all that’s to come on the Sunday.