The Grampians Winemakers Shiraz Barrique Auction

Be part of the excitement at Saturday’s Grampians Winemakers’ Barrique Auction, a must-attend for wine enthusiasts and collectors.

Participating in the Barrique Auction secures you an exclusive Grampians blend while actively contributing to raising awareness of the wine tourism region. The auction benefits the entire community by enabling the creation of more events, such as the Grampians Fine Wine Festival, and supports publicity and marketing endeavours. Your involvement is instrumental in fostering the growth and prosperity of the region. A winning bid also offers a remarkable story to share while opening the bottle and enjoying it with friends.

The 2022 vintage Barrique Auction will be held at 2:15pm on the Saturday in the Demonstration marquee, so be sure to get there to secure a ‘taste of the Grampians’. Tastings will occur before the auction at the Barrique Bar.


So, what is a Barrique?

A “barrique” refers to a specific size and shape of oak barrel commonly used for ageing wine. The Barrique Auction presents a distinctive opportunity for wine collectors seeking something rare and exceptional,  as the essence of Grampians Shiraz shines through the barrique.

Wineries contribute to the barrique with a limited volume of their finest Shiraz from that particular vintage. Each winemaker selects Shiraz based on distinct characteristics: Some prioritise beautiful aromatics and lift, others opt for parcels that display remarkable concentration and structural depth, and other donations deliver the vibrancy, offering silky tannins that impart a lively and smooth character to the wine. These diverse contributions come together to create a richly nuanced Grampians Shiraz.

The meticulous art of blending also plays a crucial role in crafting a harmonious Shiraz that will age and gracefully and always drink superbly.


The 2022 vintage will be blended by award-winning Winemaker, Adam Louder from Mount Langi Ghiran and SubRosa.


This GGE marks the release of the 31st vintage of the barrique with the ‘2022 Grampians Winemakers Shiraz’ set to go under the hammer at the festival.


The Grampians wine region is one of Australia’s most historical and acclaimed wine regions. The soils can range from grey-brown and brown loam to red sandstone and red clay quartz. This diversity contributes to the distinctive terroir of the region, influencing the characteristics and flavours of the wines.


Situated at the southernmost point of the Great Dividing Range, the Grampians region was famed for its sparkling wines in the 1880s. It soon became evident that its cool climate viticulture could produce wines with intense varietal definition and flavours. This led to a diverse range of high-quality wines beyond just sparkling varieties.


FFrom its renowned sparkling wines to the signature Shiraz, Pinot Noir, and Dolcetto, the Grampians region boasts an array of award-winning wines that are truly spectacular. Known for their exceptional quality, all Grampians wines are celebrated for their remarkable ageability, with Shiraz standing out as the region’s signature variety.


In the Grampians, every cellar door presents a distinct experience. Visitors can explore classic wine tastings and sales, indulge in a hearty lunch, and even savour excellent coffee. What makes touring the region truly exceptional is the chance to meet the winemaker, who will always extending a warm welcome without any hint of pretentiousness.